Our aim here consists of many layers and aspirations. The name Jack Wild comes from the first name
of our late grandfather who was the main father figure in our lives. The term wild comes from the love
of nature, the desire to adventure and explore, and to be wildly passionate while doing so.
What we hope to provide and accomplish with this publishing company is not only producing
art we believe in, art we believe that has something special to say, but to give people the opportunity
and stepping stones to achieve their artistic dreams. To give them the tools to create their own vision
and to seek out that vision honestly and genuinely. We are three individuals very plagued by the idea
of a normal life. By the mundane dance. If we aren’t dreaming bigger and bigger each day,
each and every day trying to be better and do more, then what are we really doing?
That is what we are about. Pushing our dreams and allowing others to push theirs.